Batteries and Parts

Transource complies w/ EPEAT Required-Battery replacement and information:

Transource offers battery repair and replacement for all notebooks, irrespective of whether the product is out of warranty. Choose the service and repair option that's best for you.

  • Call Transource's IT department (Toll-Free: (888) 544-5120) and provided either, sales order number, serial number or customer information such as phone number, address, and date of purchase.
  • Email our IT department at and provide the above information.

How to remove laptop battery instructions.

Criterion Identification of materials & components requiring selective treatment


Printed Circuit Board Locations:
One Motherboard = Center of Chassis
One PC battery = Right middle of motherboard
One Power Supply= Bottom of Chassis
One or more RAM = Actual part
One Hard Drive = Inside the HD
One M.2 = Actual part
CD/DVD = actual part front of chassis.
Not all units may have hard drive and/or CD/DVD

Plastics with Brominated Flame Retardants = May be Present
External Electrical Cable = Power Cable (plugs into of device)



Scorch 1050 & 2050 below

RAM Removal (memory card exceeds 10cm^2) - Remove the memory card by pushing down on the tab (yellow arrows point to tab) and pull then pull the card out. This system shows two memory cards installed.

External cable removal - How to unplug-remove external cable from back of PC. Using your fingers remove external cable from the rear of the PC by pulling cable away from the chassis.

Motherboard installation & removal

B2000S components

NOTE: CD/DVD (B2000S) contains PC board larger than 10cm^2.



(Image 1)

The motherboard in the B2000S contains a Lithium-Ion battery that must be removed during recycling. The battery is clipped onto motherboard (see image 1). The battery can be removed by releasing the clip on one side, which will allow the battery to pop out. No special tools required other than fingernail or small screwdriver.


(Image 2)

The drive will either be an onboard M.2 drive, hard drive or both. The hard drive is removed by pushing the two plastic       ends away from the drive (image 2). The M.2 is removed by pulling up on the plastic black ring (image 3). None of the storage devices are permanently soldered to the motherboard.

(Image 3)

Motherboard with location of battery:



Component locations for B2000M & B3000M

Using your fingers pushdown on the gray tab to release memory/RAM.

Follow component removal instructions as stated above in B2000S PC.

DVD/CD location and removal for B2000M & B3000M

NOTE: CD/DVD (B2000M & B3000M) contains PC board larger than 10cm^2.

Follow component removal instructions as stated above in B2000S PC.


------------------------Scorch 1050 & Scorch 2050   -----------------------------------

Component locations for Scorch 1050 & Scorch 2050

Plastics with brominated flame retardants may be present.


 Removal instructions (below) for SCO-1050 & SCO-2050. Removal instructions are

the same wether the motherboard  is green or brown in color.


Battery is located underneath the graphics card. Remove battery by pressing on the clip and pull the battery out.



 Unplug the CPU fan power connector (yellow, brown, blue etc. wires) from the motherboard.

 Locate the four posts that surround the CPU fan (circled in red).  See below.

Turn each post one quarter turn to the left.

quarter turn post


Lift each post up until it pops & finally lift entire fan assembly from motherboard.

post up until pops

Process to remove the CPU. Caution do not use any tools or run the risk of damage to CPU.


 Press down and away from the CPU to release the lever holding CPU inplace.

Detail instructions to remove CPU: push latch down and while maintaining pressure push on the latch

away from the CPU and then continue to maintain pressure as you slowly allow the latch to come up.


Once the latch is up, gently using your fingers pull the CPU up and out.


Removal instructions for other components are deatailed in image.

Yellow arrows point to motherboard screw locations. Screws are removed with Phillips screwdriver.

Follow component removal instructions as stated above in B2000S PC.

NOTE: CD/DVD (SCO-1050 & SCO-2050) contains PC board larger than 10cm^2.