Takeback Recycling

Takeback / Recycling Program

Transource offers a complete solution for the Takeback and recycling of obsolete or end-of-life computer equipment. We offer recycling for all outdated computer equipment, regardless of brand, using a cost-effective industry leader with a long history of reliable and trusted service to numerous corporations and government agencies. We also accept rechargeable batteries and recyclable packaging materials for free.

Our partnership has allowed Transource to offer a full turnkey recycling solution that is simple, environmentally-friendly, and complies with all State and Federal regulations. In addition, Transource offers program participant discounts off purchases of Transource name brand equipment.

Takeback Availability: The Transource Recycling Takeback Program covers a wide range of electronic equipment and manages the proper recovery, disposal and recycling of: all computers (desktops, servers, laptops and other handheld devices, etc.), monitors and displays (CRTs, LCDs, Plasmas, etc.), rechargeable batteries, memory, hard drives, network cards, and software.

 Recycling Process

Transource strives to make the recycling process as easy as possible. As a free source to our customers, Earth911 maintains one of North America's most extensive recycling databases with over 100,000+ listings. You can simply dial 1-800-CLEANUP or use Earth911's website tool to recycle your computers, monitors, keyboards, rechargeable batteries, etc. To use their tool you just select the material you are trying to recycle followed by entering your zip code and then click search to see a listing of available drop-off locations in North America.

Another free source is Call2 Recycle which also provides thousands of locations in North America. Simply use their drop-off locator to find the nearest location to you.

Two other FREE alternatives services, in North America, are you can send your electronics, i.e. computers, monitors, keyboards, rechargeable batteries, etc., to our corporate office or we can provide on-site pick up service. If you choose to send it to our corporate office we asked that you contact our IT/Technical Support team (toll free at 800-486-3715) and they will provide a free pre-paid shipping label which affixes to your package/s and have it delivered to our corporate office. If you would like on-site pick up, please contact our IT/Technical Support team for instructions on how to schedule a pick up. Please be prepared to provide a date, time, place, as well as, number of packages, estimated weight, dimensions, quantities and types of electronics being recycled as well as,making sure all electronics are in secured boxes. If you have large quantities, i.e. weigh +140 LBS, we asked that they are palletized for ease of transportation.

  • Desktops, Notebooks & Tablets     (Transource provides FREE pre-paid shipping labels)
  • Servers, Monitors & Networking equipment     (Transource provides FREE pre-paid shipping labels)
  • Rechargeable Batteries     (Transource provides FREE pre-paid shipping labels)
  • Packaging Material     (Transource provides FREE pre-paid shipping labels)

Data Sanitation: Transource and our recycling partners follow all DoD regulations regarding data sanitation prior to hard drive recycling. The method used to sanitize the hard drives writes all addressable locations with a character, its binary complement, then a random character and then we verify the results. The physical hard drives will be completely destroyed using industry-leading practices.

WEEE Directive Compliance: The dismantling process involves redistribution and/or recycling of precious metals, plastic, glass, and circuit boards in accordance with applicable WEEE directive and Environmental Protection Agency regulations. All toxic materials and hazardous components, including lead, mercury and cadmium, will be disposed of according to EPA guidelines.

Products suitable for reuse shall be or according to the client’s request. Charitable organizations working for needy children and underprivileged peoples are common recipients of reused and redistributed computers and computer components.

For information on all of our Takeback programs, call us toll free at 800-486-3715.